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Here are some stories from young members of Workers World Party, describing their personal journies that led them to becoming revolutionaries:




Workers World Party: Our Collective Story

In our party we like to call each other “comrades,” “sisters,” and “brothers.” This is just one small example of how we are building an organization based on respect and love for each other. This starts with recognizing and supporting the need for the self-determination and leadership of the oppressed, which is fundamental for an organization fighting for revolutionary socialism and communism.

Being a member of Workers World Party is more than being in an affinity group, a study circle, or a community organization. It is being in an organization of fellow comrades who want nothing but the abolition of capitalism, racism, sexism, anti-Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) bigotry and other forms of oppression. This requires a lifetime of dedication which is only possible with the support and direction of a militant working class party full of revolutionary fighters involved in mass struggle.

Through this blog, and through everything we do, we seek to meet the most militant activists, the most dedicated organizers, the leaders of the struggle for liberation, socialism and communism, and to unite with them in a multinational party. Our party’s history is based on an uncompromising perspective focused on the necessity of the working class and oppressed to rise up together to build socialism, the society we truly deserve. It’s this perspective that sets us apart from other parties and organizations.

Our History

Formed in 1959 in Buffalo, NY, we have consistently stood apart from other socialist and revolutionary groups by our unapologetic stance on the side of the workers and oppressed around the world. We have tremendous respect for the founders of our party, including Sam Marcy, Dorothy Ballan, and Vince Copeland, among many others. Without their perspectives on imperialism and the connections of the working classes of all countries, as well as on women’s liberation, fighting racism and building socialism, and the importance of organizing the working class and oppressed into a multinational party, it’s likely Workers World Party would have never existed.

The early youth organization of the party, “Youth Against War and Fascism,” organized the first protests in the US against the imperialist war in Vietnam. We were the only communist organization working with the prisoners in Attica during their uprising in 1971 against the racist NY prison system. Since before the Stonewall Rising in 1969, our party has been organizing and fighting around LGBTQ liberation as a necessity within fighting for socialist revolution.

We organized countless actions to defend the Black Panther Party from COINTELPRO and police repression. We have supported the Puerto Rican liberation struggle and the struggle for indigenous people in the US for self-determination and freedom from US genocide. We believe that oppressed people’s struggle for self-determination must be supported without questioning that peoples’ tactics.

We have been non-stop in our defense of Mumia Abu-Jamal, a true people’s hero who has been on death for over 30 years because of his revolutionary politics. We stand with Leonard Peltier, Lynne Stewart, the Cuban 5, and all political prisoners facing repression from the US.

We are active in the labor movement, from organizing workers in the US South for collective bargaining to organizing bus drivers in Boston to defend public schools against cuts and racist resegregation.

We defend revolutions that the US government hates, such as Cuba, People’s Republic of China, Venezuela, Vietnam, People’s Korea, based on the grounds of self-determination and the realization that workers power and control of the state, even despite contradictions and shortcomings, is crucial to defending world socialism. The US government has nothing but devastation and exploitation to offer the people of the world.

In 2001, shortly after September 11th, Workers World Party built a multinational, militant antiwar coalition, Act Now to Stop War and End Racism (ANSWER) which built massive resistance in the United States to the imperialist war in Afghanistan, Iraq, and beyond. We support people of the world resisting US imperialism, our common enemy.

At the US Social Forum in 2010 in Detroit, we put out a call for socialist unity in order to build a mass movement to challenge the capitalist crisis. We seek to overcome sectarianism and opportunism of other socialist groups through unity in action on set principles: no reliance on the Democratic Party, solidarity with the oppressed and support for self-determination, anti-imperialism and internationalism, and the centrality of the working class. We continue to build for unity, even with groups with which we have disagreements, because of how enormous and important it is to overthrow capitalism and build world socialism.

Obviously, we are a party of activists. We are also a party with proud theoretical contributions. Important works from the history of our party start from when we were a tendency for ten years within the Socialist Workers Party, when Sam Marcy expounded on the “Global Class Camp,” the idea that the working class in the US doesn’t have an independent destiny from workers in the Soviet Union, China, or anywhere else, but rather we are an important link in the chain of world revolution. Marcy also was the first to bring a Marxist analysis to the changing low-wage capitalist world economy through “High-tech, Low Pay” in 1985. He also was the first Marxist to give a critical analysis of Gorbachev and the destruction of socialism in the Soviet Union in his work “Perestroika” which he wrote before the destruction of the Soviet Union. This party has written countless other books on issues which are crucial to understanding the struggle against capitalism and oppression.

We draw inspiration from revolutions across the world. We doubt the importance of name-calling like “Trotskyist,” “Stalinist,” and “Maoist” because we believe in a dialectical and scientific understanding of society, one which seeks to explain history not by just the importance of “great men” of history, but rather the ever-evolving social, economic, and political forces of society.

What does it mean to join Workers World Party?

Joining Workers World Party means taking a step towards revolution. We are a different kind of party from either of the corporate ruling-class political parties, the Democrats and Republicans. We are a party of “cadre,” which means that a Workers World party member is responsible for the daily work of building the revolution.

We expect our cadre to be engaged in mass political work, as well as party meetings and study. This means different levels of involvement and development for each individual, which should not be a limitation to one considering joining the party.

The first step in joining Workers World Party is to get in touch with us – you can find contact information for all our branches across the country at the bottom of this page. We want to answer the questions you have, no matter how difficult they are. We believe that through great struggle comes great progress and we as a party are not afraid of challenges. Rather, these challenges are a sign of growth and development.

Lastly, we want you to think about the stories on this blog, and think about your story, your development, and whether or not you are ready to commit to our party. Some may find this to be simpler than others. Sincerely, we do believe it is one of the best, and one of the most important decisions you can make. Join us in the greatest struggle the world has ever known – the fight for liberation and socialism!

Want to know more?

Interested in joining Workers World Party,

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  • Workers World Party Literature – Free, downloadable, high-quality PDF and plain text copies of many WWP books and political analysis articles from 1965 up to today. Includes works by WWP founder Sam Marcy, “Marxsim, Reparations and the Black Freedom Struggle” edited by Monica Moorehead, “Gaza: Symbol of Resistance” edited by Joyce Chediac and much more.
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