Workers World Party

  • – The online version of WWP’s weekly newspaper, “Workers World”. Up-to-date news and analysis from a working-class, internationalist, anti-imperialist, and anti-oppression perspective.
  • Workers World Party Literature – Free, downloadable, high-quality PDF and plain text copies of many WWP books and political analysis articles from 1965 up to today. Includes works by WWP founder Sam Marcy, “Marxsim, Reparations and the Black Freedom Struggle” edited by Monica Moorehead, “Gaza: Symbol of Resistance” edited by Joyce Chediac and much more.
  • WWP on Facebook
  • WWP on Youtube – Features hundreds of videos: political talks, forums, classes on Marxism and more.

International News Sources

  • Pan-African News Wire – The world’s only international daily Pan-African news source, edited by Abayome Azikiwe.
  • The Electronic Intifada – A pro-Palestinian-liberation, independent online publication that reports on events in Palestine/Occupied Territories.
  • Granma – The international, online version of the official newspaper of the Cuban Communist Party.
  • PressTV – Anti-imperialist video news source out of Iran.
  • Presna Latina – News agency covering Latin America out of Cuba.
  • RT News – Progressive international news out of Russia.

Comrades & Friends

  • Fuck Yeah Marxism-Leninism – Frequently updated tumblr filled to the brim with national liberation & revolutionary images, history, news, and more.
  • Read Red – Ruminations on the reading life of a communist. Looking at words through class-struggle lenses.
  • Class Against Class! – Personal blog of CJtR contributor Caleb Maupin. He is a resident New York City. He is an activist in Workers World Party and Fight Imperialism – Stand Together. He writes for Workers World Newspaper, and various other publications.
  • Garrett Dicembre – Personal blog of CJtR contributor Garrett. A mix of anti-imperialist opinion, news and links.
  • The Prison Gates Are Open… – News on social revolution and national liberation.
  • Moorbey’s Blog – from a Nu-Afrikan perspective.


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