The United States has never been an easy place to be a socialist, communist, or revolutionary. Over the last 80 years, the US government spent millions on anti-communist propaganda, as well as billions more on arming anti-communist movements around the world. From the time we are born, this propaganda bombards our psyche through TV, movies, and in our public education system — in the same way we are brainwashed with racist, sexist, xenophobic, and homophobic images and ideas. This is how the powers that be keep us fighting and hating amongst ourselves, and not coming together to take aim at them. It’s how they stay on top.

The goal of this blog is to push back – to offer a revolutionary viewpoint, coming straight from those of us who are building the struggle for the future. We come from many different walks of life: different nationalities, races, genders, sexual identities, abilities, immigration statuses, and various levels of relative privilege within the working class. We live all over the country: New York, North Carolina, Michigan, Utah, California. We are involved in different every-day struggles: fighting against police terror, opposing imperialist war, building workers’ power in unions, organizing to make education a right for everyone. What unites us here at Can’t Jail The Revolution is that we are all young communists, in our teens and twenties, who are dedicated to building and strengthening the global movement to overthrow capitalism. We are all members of Workers World Party, a revolutionary communist organization in the United States. See the tab on our home page for more information about Workers World Party.

We oppose all forms of oppression, including racism, sexism, anti-LGBTQ, anti-immigrant, ableism, and more. US capitalism was built on the genocide of Indigenous peoples, and on the genocide and slave labor of African peoples. Today, these oppressions support capitalism as a system by dividing workers and oppressed people. For this reason, we believe that oppressed people must be in the leadership of the revolutionary movement against capitalism. We strive for unity between socialists and among the left. We reject capitalism as an inherently exploitative system that is destroying the world. We stand in solidarity with all nations and peoples who are under attack from US-led imperialism. We believe in the right of oppressed people to struggle for self-determination by any means necessary. And we firmly believe that the only way forward for humanity is to overthrow capitalism and replace it with socialism, a society run by and for the vast majority of people!


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  1. Hi,
    Not seen at Anarko Ciné Helsinki or Chicago Anarchist Filmfest ?
    It’s here on vimeo :


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